The Israeli Advertising Association (IAA)works to raise professionalism and to strengthen the status of advertising agencies in Israel. The IAA currently has about 30 leading advertising agencies as members, together accounting for around 80% of the amount of advertising activity in Israel.

As part of its efforts on behalf of the advertising industry, IAA board members, the CEO, the Chairman and other IAA members participate in various committees and carry out activities across a number of areas: In the realm of administration – meeting with various authorities and Knesset committees on questions of legislation, regulation, the Second Authority for Television & Radio, the Israeli Marketing Association, and advertising associations abroad.

In the professional arena – advertising competitions (The Golden Cactus Award, the Israel Effie Awards), TV audience and Internet usage rating measurement committees, systems for the collation of information and research, seminars and conferences, dissemination of the advertising tenders of companies and public entities, operating Habetzefer – the advertising agencies’ Academy for training recruits and enriching employee skills.

In the commercial sphere – arranging group transactions for services (software, insurance and so on), which reduce the cost for Association members as a purchasing group.

In the legal field – resolving issues with the Director of the Antitrust Authority and the Israeli Institute of Commercial Arbitration, and protecting the advertising industry against attempts to introduce populist legislation, etc.

The Israel Advertising Association maintains close ties with EACA, the European Association of Communications Agencies, updating one another, exchanging professional information, and providing assistance to members in international markets. Association members automatically receive exclusive and valuable benefits.

Early in 2002, as an initiative of the Israeli Advertising Association, “Habetzefer”, the school for advertising professions was established, as part of the nurturing of the professional abilities of practitioners in the field. “Habetzefer” works toward two main goals:

One is the training of skilled professional personnel for advertising professions in 11 diverse tracks: Account Directors (Client Management), Planning (Strategic Planning), Media Planning, Copywriting, Ad Production, Public Relations and Spokesperson Training, Advertising and Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Advertising and Marketing Management, Social Media Advertising and Marketing, and an Orthodox (Haredi) branch in Bnei Brak that prepares Orthodox workers for the Haredi advertising industry.

The second area in which Habetzefer operates is in nurturing and enriching the sector’s existing workforce through an array of seminars and professional training courses such as an executive coaching workshop, presentation skills workshops, a course in business English, creative thinking workshops, interactive training modules, etc.

Over the years of its existence, Habetzefer has become the authoritative source for the deepening of professional knowledge in the field of advertising and marketing.

The Chairman of the Israel Advertising Association is selected from among advertising agencies CEOs for a term of two years. The current Chairman is Amir Guy, CEO of Adler Chomsky advertising agency. Yigal Baron serves as Director General of both the IAA and Habetzefer, and as Chairman of the Israel TV rating
measurement committee.
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The website of the Israel Advertising Association was launched in early 2006.

What can you find on the IAA website? Are you looking for an advertising agency? print services?
The complete list of all the fields covered in the industry directory: advertising agencies; advertorial; other; interactive; direct mailing;  print; film production; recruitment and human resources; production companies and producers; education and teaching; telemarketing; public relations; legal advice; databases; image and film libraries; media; media planning and buying; research and consulting; exhibition design; post production; equipment; sales promotion; SEO; software and communications; translation and language editing.

Are you looking for a photographer? A director?
The complete list of all the professions covered in the industry directory: film directors and agencies, copyrighting experts; make-up artists; musicians; bands ; artistic designers; product designers; graphic designers; agencies and agents – general; actors and modeling agents; stylists; stills photographers; music editors; film editors; Flash designers; photographers; copywriters; hair stylists.