“Habetzefer” was established by the Israeli Advertising Association which unites 50 advertising agencies in Israel. “Habetzefer”’s shares holders, are 40 leading advertising agencies of the country. Above all, this ensures that the “Habetzefer” curriculum is on par with the strict requirements of the advertising industry in order for our graduates to fit in the industry successfully.

 “Habetzefer” trains approximately 400 students every year. “Habetzefer” graduates lead the advertising and marketing field and occupy high ranking positions in advertising agencies and leading brands alike as CEOs, VPs of Accounts, VPs of Strategy, Brand Executives, Creative Directors, Production Managers and PR consultants of both commercial and public institutions. Employment rates in the studied fields stand at approximately 80% of our graduates.

“Habetzefer”  Works Like An Advertising Agency

“Habetzefer” is the only professional advertising academy in Israel. The academy makes sure to incorporate a professional cooperation between the courses. Account Executives manage the projects, Planners strategize and write out the briefs, Copywriters and Graphic Artists come up with the creative and Producers, produce the ads. A collective effort – just like in the real world.

The professions

“Habetzefer” teaches all the essential professions of the advertising field: Copywriting, account management, brand management, strategy / planning management, PR, marketing and advertising, graphics, marketing and advertising in the internet and advertising production. Each one of these subjects is taught individually and as a separate specialization.

The length of each specialization differs from course to course. Account management, planning and copywriting are taught for ten months and the rest of the specializations are taught for 7-8 months. The school operates as a night school, twice a week, 4 hours each night.

Training at “Habetzefer” is aimed at a very specific target – employment. Therefore the curriculum puts an emphasis on practical training, practice, workshops and presentations before real clients.

“Habetzefer’s management are all executives from the advertising world. All the lecturers come from the advertising and marketing world after going through extensive and meticulous selections regarding their teaching capabilities. Their teaching methods are examined by professional committees from advertising agencies in order to ensure that the materials taught suit the standards of the potential empolye.

Acceptance Requirements

The requirements are strict. This is due to the fact that the admission committees for the different departments are made up of professionals from the field who know that those accepted to “Habetzefer” today will be their colleagues tomorrow. Every specialization has different acceptance measures and all those who enroll are required to pass a written exam and an interview to check their adequacy. Furthermore, the planning, account management and media planning departments require an academic degree as a prerequisite.

Business and Affiliations

“Habetzefer” operates several programs for training existing advertising and marketing professionals. Companies such as Bank Leumi, Partner Orange, Teva, MSD, the Israeli Electricity Company and more have commissioned “Habetzfer”’s dedicated training programs and workshops for their employees. The programs include learning and practicing subjects such as: strategic planning, branding, creative thinking, marketing management, marketing workshops etc. These programs have been structured and catered according to guidelines provided by the companies.

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